Choose the WISER Solution and make sure the learning never stops at your school.

Being WISER means having supreme confidence in your substitute teachers.

A day on and NOT a day off. Invest in student learning.

As a school administrator, we know you need your substitute teaching experience to be a day ON for student learning, but it also has to be done seamlessly, flawlessly and in budget. There is a WISER way to accomplish all of this.

You need a staffing firm that KNOWS quality education, like you do.

Hiring a sub shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.

Every administrator wants every day to be a quality learning day for their students, but what happens when a teacher is sick, has to go on maternity leave, short-term disability or – even worse – just leaves unexpectedly? And what about the specific challenge of a virtual school where enrollment can be much larger than a traditional school? The larger your teaching staff is, the more gaps you tend to have to fill.

Learning experiences are made or broken by the teacher that upholds them.

Experience the

When you need to quickly find a quality replacement who KNOWS what they’re doing in the classroom and CARES as much as you do about your students – the WISER Solution is your choice. This is how you have ultimate confidence in your subs.

Our schools have used WiserEd to confirm their decision for a permanent hire.

The WiserEd Solution helps you save the day.

Save money while still investing in your student’s learning.

We know what it’s like to be a school leader who’s faced with plugging a staffing hole quickly. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to have to pay excessive fees for a substitute teacher. Our WiserEd subs are professional and are invested in your school community. Our schools even use WiserEd as a solution before confirming their decision for a permanent hire.

Now that’s Wiser!

We are educator-owned & operated.

Bringing you over 40 years of classroom & administrative experience.

We understand how you do school every day. We know exactly what a leader is looking for in their dream sub, so we always hand-pick the best.

Ready to make the WISER choice?

Here’s what happens next.

  1. We double-vet our WiserEd Teachers to ensure your students get more than just a warm body.
  2. We find the price point that works for you and your budget.
  3. We make sure you’re 100% happy with your WiserEd experience.

You will not find this flawless, seamless learning experience your students deserve
anywhere else.

This is an experience unique to WiserEd administrators. And now this experience can belong to you.

Schools that trust us with their education.