Watch what being a
WiserEd Substitute Teacher
can do for you.

A WiserEd Teacher loves their craft.

Do you truly care about and enjoy students?

Are you a tech-savvy communicator? WiserEd teachers own their classrooms, care to deliver quality education every day and are adept at quickly developing rapport with students and school leaders alike.

WiserEd teachers are more than just a sub (i.e. a “babysitter”)

You’re a talented, skilled & highly valued educator.

We know you want the stability of consistent work and sometimes it can be hard to compete with other subs in your district. Be Wiser and join the WiserEd team! Educators who go the extra mile with us get asked back again and again …and again.

A quality educator makes all the difference in the classroom.

WiserEd teachers are regarded as the best.

Experience the WISER difference of ultimate pride as a WiserEd Teacher. You are the reason that the schools and students we service never have to suffer a day OFF in the classroom again. (Plus, we never want you to be seen as less than a professional when we know you are so much more.)

WiserEd Solutions helps our teachers (and students) win the day.

Today’s your day, superhero.

We know what it’s like to be a quality educator who’s not always valued in a substitute role. You’re talented, you love kids – you’re just trying to figure it out. Maybe you’re transitioning between cities or maybe you just need more experience. WiserEd is a great way to grow and use your current experience as an educator to make a difference. Be a WiserEd Teacher and save the day with us!

We are educator-owned and operated with over 40 years of classroom and admin experience.

Join a team that cares about education like you do

We understand the monumental task substitute teachers have to live up to every day. We know exactly what a quality substitute teacher is looking for in an ideal assignment, so we always hand-pick the best for you. We’ve handled virtual schools, independent schools and traditional schools – and we do it flawlessly every time.

Every teacher doesn’t get to have this experience and you won’t find the WiserEd difference anywhere else.

Become a WiserEd Teacher:

  1. We vet you to ensure you meet the standards of a WiserEd Teacher: someone of great character who’s a real educator with a track record of classroom success.
  2. We do our homework to ensure that the classroom and school you’re getting paired up with is a solid fit for you.
  3. We work with you to find the best assignments possible – especially the ones that can lead to permanent placement (if that’s your goal).