We’ve got a
Wiser Solution
for substitute teaching.

There are smarter, more effective ways to do this.

Substitute teaching is what we do. WiserEd is student-focused and educator-owned. We have the capacity and experience to do it right. This is our niche:

  • Quality service
  • Reliable substitute teachers
  • Happy schools

WiserEd teachers make sure the learning continues.

We don’t believe in just putting a warm body in the classroom.

Substitute teaching isn’t a freebie day where the learning stops. You need someone who’s experienced with educating children, has the background and training to support, instruct, and manage students. Most importantly, our substitute teachers enjoy what they do!

We are your WISER option for substitute teachers.

Meet Elisa and Heather.

The leaders of WiserEd Solutions are educators. They believe student’s learning shouldn’t stop just because they have a substitute teacher. WiserEd exists because Elisa and Heather knew there just had to be a better way to get capable substitute teachers – within budget and with great quality.

We know education.
Every part of it.

Here’s how we work Wiser:

  1. We double-vet our WiserEd Substitute Teachers to ensure your students get the quality they deserve.
  2. We ensure our price point works for you and your budget.
  3. We make sure you’re happy with your WiserEd experience!

Schools that trust us with their education.

cristo rey atlanta
Fulton Academy
Yi Hwang Academy