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Here’s Our Story. Owl of it.

We’re good at substitutes because we struggled with substitutes.

When Heather worked as Superintendent at Georgia Connections Academy, she really did struggle with staffing good substitutes. Elisa also struggled finding a qualified substitute for herself when she was on maternity leave. “Outside vendors were really, really, really expensive!” Heather exclaimed. That was a tough pill to swallow when everyone knew it was important to cut expenses at the school. Heather remembers having that conversation with her board and everyone came to same conclusion: find another vendor for substitute teaching services. However, there just wasn’t one out there who (A) really understood education, (B) cared about providing quality, skilled educators (not just a warm body for the classroom) and (C) wouldn’t break the budget.

The question was posed to both Heather and Elisa: “Why don’t YOU start a business?” They’d never thought of that idea before, but both took some time to seriously contemplate it.

“Are we really going to do this?” Heather said to Elisa over the phone. She was in the car rider line picking up her kids. “I think we both know the answer to that,” Elisa replied. It was settled then. They put their heads together and created what is now known as WiserEd Solutions: because there’s a wiser way to do substitute staffing.

The first priority has to be ensuring the learning continues.

Elisa had been working as a school counselor. “We didn’t have school counseling subs until more recently,” she explained. Additionally, trying to find subs who could manage a virtual school setting and a traditional school setting alike. There were less-expensive options out there, but the problem was that they weren’t familiar with virtual schooling, nor did they have the capacity for it. “Virtual schools need quality educators and long-term subs – not some warm body for one day,” Elisa said.

We instinctively knew how to unlock the potential of quality substitute staffing.

One thing Heather and Elisa knew for sure was this: they understood how to do school everyday. Schools need quality substitutes that are well-trained, are excellent communicators, have an educational background and experience in educating children. Admins want teachers who will be a part of their school community and engage with their students. They knew it would be critical to bring to the table someone who can truly manage a classroom and truly provide instruction in the absence of that day-to-day teacher. Not just a warm body. “You don’t want to waste money on subs. We decided to provide an option that allows you to still invest in your students and your money is going toward the learning of your community, not out the door to some random vendor” Heather added.

You will not find this flawless, seamless learning experience your students deserve anywhere else.

This is an experience unique to
WiserEd administrators. And now
this experience can belong to you.

The WiserEd Solutions

To provide a seamless and consistent educational experience for every student on every school day.

The WiserEd Solutions

Every day that a student shows up at school, their opportunity to learn greets

The WiserEd Solutions


Students are always the focus of everything we do.

High Quality

We hire only the best professionals – our mission requires it.


Accountability to the schools we serve keeps us excellent.


Students’ educational experience should always be seamless, regardless of who’s teaching them.

About Our Leaders

Meet Heather

Education is her passion and it is what she was put on this Earth to do. Heather Robinson’s career and educational experiences have taken her to places and introduced her to people that she never could have imagined.

She began her career as a high school math teacher and found her way to the virtual classroom. Since June of 2005, she’s had the honor of traveling this new and uncharted educational model as a teacher, program coordinator, principal, and an executive leader. Through the Georgia Connections Academy, Heather has had the privilege to lead an innovative educational experience for families throughout Georgia. She now brings that leadership and innovative experience to WiserEd Solutions.

I enjoy thinking outside of the box and moving past the status quo of ‘what we’ve always done’ to discover what can be. It’s a fascinating time to be an education professional!”

Career Highlights

Executive Director
Georgia Connections Academy 8 years 4 mos.

Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Learning
Georgia Virtual School 5 years 10 mos.


The University of Georgia
Masters, Mathematics Education 2004

Clemson University
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Teaching 1998


Charter School Financial Management Certification
Carl Vinson Institute of Government 2016

Educational Leadership (P-12)
Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Meet Elisa

Elisa Buckner has made it her life’s work to help young people achieve their educational and career goals. She loves helping high school students getting into college and, as such, her students have earned millions of dollars in scholarships over the years.

She has assisted parents of college- bound students as their College Admissions Advisor, helping their student with Career Exploration, College Matching, Leadership Development, Portfolio Building, Scholarship Searches, Essay Writing and more.

Having been an educational professional for years now, Elisa proudly brings her zeal for student success to the leadership team at WiserEd Solutions.

I believe that it’s never too early for your student to start and it’s also never too late! Anything is possible when the right educational professional is in the room!”

Career Highlights

College Advisor, Counselor and Coach
11 years

College Advisor
Southside Comprehensive High School 3 years 11 mos.


Georgia State University
M.A., School Counseling 2011

Hampton University
B.S., Computer Science 1999


School Counseling K12
Georgia Department of Education

Here’s how we work Wiser:

  1. We double-vet our WiserEd Substitute Teachers to ensure your students get the quality they deserve.
  2. We ensure our price point works for you and your budget.
  3. We make sure you’re happy with your WiserEd experience!